Thursday, June 30, 2005


Thanks for taking a look. I have an idea here to comment on goings on in the world of cardiology from the point of view of one in the trenches, looking at the world through jaded-colored glassses (but not lead specs -- too deep an indentation on my schnozz!). I'm an interventional cardiologist practicing here in Sweet Home Alabama, where even the wheelchairs are super-sized. I'm thinking I might need some new frames for my jaded lenses. Whaddya think? And why is it the doc is always the creepiest character?


At 11:07 PM, Blogger Doctor_Potato said...

Hi doc! I idolize docs who can earn a good living and still enjoy life/blog about it! Any pointers? ;) I'm just starting out...IM residency...but planning to push through with Cardiology. My Dad's a booming TCVS, so it's a good partnership. I'm at Take care!


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