Friday, July 01, 2005

My patient went to Vietnam...

...and all I got was this -- uh -- uh -- what is it, exactly? Well, to describe it, it's about a 7-inch disk that rotates looks like a lazy susan [Edit: it looks like it'll rotate and it has a little play in it, but if you really rotate it, it feels like it's gonna have a comeapart], with ten highly varnished -- um -- guitars, my patient said. Never mind that most of them look more like sitars, at least to me. They have monofilament strings, floral decorations, and each has one or more bright red tassels. There's actually a heartwarming story here. Mr. Jones, we'll call him, is Vietnamese, but had not been back since the unpleasantness a few years back. This year he had the opportunity to return and visit family he hadn't seen in over twenty years. It clearly meant a great deal to him, and understandably so. I believe he was very greatful to have had the chance to go, and he was quite disproportionately appreciative of my small part in his being well enough to make the trip. I don't know if he had his gift for me shipped back, but I find it hard to picture him toting this rather delicate item through customs and a 20+-hour plane flight. Anyway, it's got a place of honor atop my CPU for the time being.


At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Cinemaniac said...

Love the heart-warming story and photo. Soon to be a major motion picture! Have your people call my people!


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